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Cell Phone Repair: Service and Repairs

Call us : Sandy Springs: 404.236.7370 | Tucker: 404.228.7360
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6pm | Saturday 11 am - 4pm | Closed Sundays

We repair the full spectrum of cell phones, mobile devices and small electronics. Among others this includes:

  • Broken Cell Phones including Apple iPhones and RIM Blackberry phones
  • PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)
  • Video Games (XBox, Wii, Nintendo, Playstation and others)
  • Handheld Video Games
  • Desktop Computers & Monitors
  • Notebook & Netbook Computers including the new iPad
  • MP3 players including the Apple iPod and others
  • and much, much more….
Click the photo above to watch our technician at work!
Avoid coming to see us and get yourself a hammer proof tempered glass! Check out our favorites here!

If you’re having an issue with your device, bring it in to your nearest CPR Cell Phone Repair Atlanta location and get a FREE estimate!

6 Month Warranty on ALL Repairs*

At CPR Cell Phone Repair Atlanta we know our stuff and we can guarantee it with our AMAZING 6 month warranty on ALL REPAIRS! If we repaire your device and you have the same issue within 6 months bring it on back and we’ll fix it for FREE! You know you’re in good hands with a guarantee like that!

Expert Repair Technicians

There is a reason why many service providers and customers alike referral their clients, friends, and family to us. Our repair technicians are trained and certified to expertly diagnose and repair any electronic device. Even better, because we do it so much, we are quick! If you have an issue with your device or another shop just left you with more headache, bring it by CPR Atlanta!

We’re Fast!

We really do know our stuff and our experience will show through the quality and speed of our work. Because we are accustomed to many issues such as water damage, cracked screens and other hardware problems, we can usually get our repairs done same day. So bring your phone in, relax in front of our television or even better, go get a drink and we’ll have it ready for you in no time!

Drop it Off or Mail it in!

We offer multiple locations and options so that you can get us your device when and where it is convenient for you. If outside Atlanta, you can even mail in your device, just be sure to print-out our Mail-In Service Form !

Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not live in the Atlanta area can I ship my phone to you?
Absolutely! Just download our Mail-in Form, remove your sim card, battery (if applicable), and SD Card, and ship it on over to us!

What if CPR fixes my device and it has the same problem again in the future?
We have a 6 month warranty on all parts we use to fix your phone. Just call our stores and let us know what's happened.

Will you charge me for other services/repairs that haven't been outlined in the original estimate?
Never! Our estimate is always given after a full diagnostic testing on your device, so it should always cover everything that is wrong with your phone!

Can Atlanta Cell Phone Repair repair water submerged phones?
Yes, to an extent. We recommend turning off a submerged phone immediately and not powering it back on until you've brought the phone to us. We will do everything in our power to help save your device.

Can Cell Phone Repair Atlanta back-up the data on my phone?
Of course! We can back-up your device and reload your data back onto it as long as you aren't already having software issues.

Do I pay upfront or after the repair?
If you're doing a same day repair, we will cash you out after the repair is done. However, if you're ordering a part and doing a repair later, then we take payment for the part up front and for our service fee after the repair.

What does your repair price estimate include?
Our estimate includes both our service and our parts pricing. Tax is added at the end of the repair, but there are never any sneaky fees added on.

What do I do if I accidentally drop my Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device in the toilet?
TURN IT OFF! Never use a device after it gets wet. you run the risk of shorting out the main board and frying your phone!  Turn it off and come see us immediately!

Does Atlanta Cell Phone Repair only repair cell phones?
 No, actually. We repair cellphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and game consoles! If it's electric, bring it by! We can usually fix it!

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