CPR Cell Phone Repair: Deals

iPhone Accessories

It's always a great idea to put tempered glass on your phone. Here's our recommendation!

We recommend a shock proof case for all iPhones so you don't have to see us very often! Check this one out.

Looking for a way to consolidate your wallet and phone storage? Check out this cute and versatile wallet case.
Samsung Accessories

It's hard finding a good case for the Samsung S7 Edge, but we swear by this one.

Since the Note 7 got recalled, a lot of y'all have the Note 5. Thats an expensive screen replacement, so go ahead and get this...

If you've got a Samsung device, there is no reason you shouldn't try out this VR headset at least once...

Depending on your needs, a good wireless headset is necessary with companies removing their headphone jacks!

The party's not complete without jams! Check out this awesome bluetooth speaker for your poolside parties!

Stay hands free and safe with this cup holder mount WITH USB ports in it. All-in-one for your driving needs!
Other Brands

The G4's popularity is soaring, and so are their repair costs. Do yourself a favor and get a case.

The Huawei Nexus 6P is a killer phone, but so is a screen repair on your wallet. Invest in the best tempered glass for your phone.

The HTC 10 is the newest design from HTC and a pretty penny. Protect your investment and stay stylish at the same time.
iPhone Charger

Samsung Charger

Wireless Charging

Cool Gadgets

Repair deals for all!

We've been working on our recycling program to help reduce overall smartphone waste and lower our costs to you! We are happy to report, we've been able to do both and are continuing to pass on the savings! 

iPhone 6s - Screen $99.99
iPhone 6s Plus - Screen $119.99

Galaxy S7 Edge - Screen $329.99
Galaxy S8 - Screen $359.99
Galaxy S8 Plus - Screen $379.99
Just to name a few....

Stay tuned for more pricing changes and deals in the days to come!

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