Cell Phone Repair: The Right Way

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Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6pm | Saturday 11 am - 4pm | Closed Sundays

Our CEOs have been featured in Voyage Magazine as inspirational entrepreneurs! Check out our story!

Ever since we opened in May of 2006, we have prided ourselves on being the FIRST EVER CELL PHONE REPAIR STORE IN GEORGIA and on our extensive training. We did not just open a storefront and decide we knew what we were doing. Our CEOs actively sought out training from the manufacturers and spent countless hours after work testing themselves and learning the ins and outs of every single mobile device on the market. We never sacrifice quality for speed or price. All of our parts are OEM, original, and meant to be used with the device we are putting it on. This is how we have become the experts in the business

At CPR Cell Phone Repair we pride ourselves on HONESTY. You can bring your brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone to any certified technician who can put it together with glue and duct tape, but what about the long-term use of your phone? We hate to say it, but day-in and day-out we see many customers who have just had their devices repair at another shop only to need the same repair done again! It’s ridiculous and before you know it you’re shelling out more money than the phone is actually worth.

The number one thing you need to consider when bringing your favorite device to a repair technician is what kind of parts they use. We ONLY use original, quality parts and that is why we can guarantee we can fix your problems for good. Instead of using fake and cheap imitation parts to fix your device, we use the actual, refurbished original parts that the device was built with which helps to ensure your device won’t have the same issue again!

Trust the best, nothing less. Bring your favorite device to CPR Cell Phone Repair where we make sure the long-term health of your device is TOP PRIORITY. Better yet, we can guarantee that our repairs are long-lasting with our 6 MONTH WARRANTY on most repairs!
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